How wedding couples decide on how their wedding plays out is a random factor that draws me to wedding photography. Some go for extravagance, some follow their culture(s) and keep it traditional and some keep it simple. When Becky and James got married in July 2019 their approach was the latter – simple.

With current Covid-19 wedding restrictions their approach would be considered a Micro-Wedding i.e. a short day of 3 hours less that 30 guests at a single location. The majestic location being The Sessions House of Spalding which previously served as a courthouse for 150 years. The building retained several of its original features a secret corridor when Becky, the Bride, entered hidden from sight leading to seemingly untouched Courtroom where the Ceremony was held.

As stated this was a simple wedding with Becky arriving in the uncharacteristic rain of July. James, the Groom, waited calmly in the Courtroom. The ceremony was calm and easy with the Bride and Groom punctuating moments with humour along with their niece who roamed freely throughout the day.

The unique features of The Sessions House came into play again after the ceremony when the newly married coupled used the back staircase to prep for the confetti run. Their niece again stole some of the show by finding a rain puddle that more entertaining than the wedding. Becky even found time to have a quick chat from a well-wisher watching through the fence.

The Sessions House provided afternoon tea as the ‘wedding breakfast’ with the Bride and Groom sitting at the head of the table featuring the huge lit up letters of ‘LOVE.’ Speeches were both profound and humorous drawing laughter and tears.

So whilst it might be assumed that nothing much could happen within less than three hours on a wedding day Becky and James’s wedding proved otherwise. During this time I captured the full emotional range exchanged between a small group of friends and family.