Welcome to my first ever blog. I thought I’d begin with a City where I’ve covered several weddings and have grown to love – Sheffield.

As stated on my site I’m a documentary wedding photographer. In English that means I like to capture moments as they happen – not create them. On the wedding day the Bride and Groom will know I’m there capturing their magic as they go about their special day. I’m like the ticking clock in the background that you get used to hearing.

Ruth and Lee’s wedding was a four-location adventure located across Sheffield…well mainly Bradfield which is west of the City. The Bridal prep was the first location within their home. With six Bridesmaids in support, it was quite a relaxed atmosphere with Ruth finding time to play her piano.

The next location was the Groom Prep at the Old Hornes Inn Bradfield. This traditional English Inn hosted the Groom Lee and his squad of four Groomsmen. They assisted each other (though some had additional support) to fit their wedding flower buttonholes between the downing of pints which they carried with them to the third location – The Church of Saint Nicolas in High Bradfield.

The wedding ceremony was performed at this beautiful 15th Century building set in Sheffield’s Peak District. The Bridal Party and guest’s short journey from the Inn to the Church was all the more interesting with the uncharacteristic wind from the August. After the ceremony the newly married couple travelled in style to the reception location in a beautiful sky-blue Sunbeam.

The final stop of the wedding tour was the marquee wedding venue at Foxholes Cottages. It was here that the August weather seemed to forget it was summer and summoned heavy rain. Thankfully the marquee was constructed of the sturdy stuff and the reception’s full agenda of appetisers, Morris Dancing (well I think it was anyway), speeches, cake cutting, first dance and a bit of Ceilidh music and dancing carried on unabated.

They were several memorable moments including the ‘Morris Dancing’ where several of the men ‘collapsed’, the emotional speeches and Ruth and her Bridesmaid’s epic dancing.

Good times….