Alice and Thom’s wedding features one of my favourite Nottingham wedding locations – Goosedale. Alice and her Bridesmaid’s all got ready at the Mour Hotel situated just outside Nottingham. Whilst it was a flurry of activity and ingenuity it was quite calm and the large suite had beautiful light coming through the large windows.

As required I documented all the candid moments and interactions whilst they got ready. During the getting ready section of the day I tend to wait for the Bride to get her dress on the move onto the ceremony location.

As stated Goosedale is one of my favourite wedding locations with ample space both inside and within their grounds to capture wedding adventures. It has an array of large mirrors across its location so I always have fun capturing actions and reactions at the same time using their reflections.

The Groom, Thom, arrived and greeting guests with support of his Groomsmen.  I love capturing the arrival moments such as guests who have not seen each other in years or, as shown here, the Groom getting his button hole sorted.

Alice arrived with her attentive Bridesmaid’s who delivered their individual entrances that had practiced to perfection. Alice was given away by her Mother who walked with her down the aisle. Whilst a short ceremony it was filled with emotion by the couple and guests alike.

Lot’s of fun was had during the confetti run, guest/family portraits and wedding breakfast. The wedding party was very relaxed and happy which is reflected in the candid moments I captured. Finally, there was the cake, cutting, 1st dance and party with the Bride and Groom savouring the closing moments of their magical day.