Welcome to my second ever blog (I think I’ll stop numbering them after this one). As with my inaugural blog this wedding adventure was captured in the wonderful city of Sheffield.

Kim and Joe were wonderful but, as per our pre-wedding consultation, were very shy and stated they were not comfortable about being photographed.

I then explained my style and approach to weddings as a Documentary Wedding Photographer. My aim is to objectively observe and record genuine unposed, candid moments throughout the wedding day. I’m a professional observer on the wedding day silently (well I try to be) moving throughout the day watching events unfold from a distance with the aim of seeing what a wedding looks like when photographed.

I’m also a Wedding Photojournalist presenting the client with my story of what I feel was important on their day using the medium of my photographs to show what happened on one of the most important day in their life.

So, with that they booked me. But as you can see from the photos…. they weren’t that shy….

Kim and her Bridesmaids had their hair and make-up prep at her parent’s home in Sheffield and then travelled to Whirlow Brook Hall where the ceremony, reception and PARTY was held. Whirlow Brook Hall is an Edwardian country manor house situated within Whirlow Brook Park. In a nutshell it’s an awesome wedding location mixing the Edwardian Age with modern facilities. Kim and her Bridesmaids got ready upstairs in the Bridal suite in an atmosphere that was both exciting and relaxed.

Joe and the guests filed in downstairs where the ceremony was to be held. Whilst cosy, the ceremony room was easily filled up with the many guests who attended. Photographing the ceremony was fun as the Bridesmaids – who had been practicing during make-up prep – calmly walked down the short aisle followed by Kim and her Father. Light poured in from behind the Registrar as Kim and Joe faced him during the ceremony allowing me to capture all the magic in natural light.

It was a sunny wedding day in June and the Hall’s vast gardens allowed for guests to spill out on the lawns whilst they drank and ate appetisers before the Wedding Breakfast.

The speeches and their entrance to it was awesome. As with most weddings couples go into relief mode after the ‘business’ of the ceremony is out of the way. Shyness and nervousness had all but dissipated illustrated by their ‘happy rage’ as they entered the reception room. As a photographer you are torn between capturing the moment and the reaction to it – so when possible I try to do both and reactions to the speeches are prime moments for both.

After the cake cutting – which was lively – and the 1st dance I usually stay around for another 15 to 20 mins to capture the dance floor shot. But in my experience if the Bride and Groom book a live band who – as these did – played contemporary and past famous songs – I know it’s going to be extra fun so I stayed. Every song they played resulted in an outburst of happiness from the Bridal Party cheering on into the night….